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7009/4225 ACADEMY OF COSMETOLOGY INC. 201-33 Thornhill Drive, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B3B 1R9 1988
7009/10732 ACADEMY OF LEARNING CAREER COLLEGE - Halifax 155-6960 Munford Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3L 4P1 1988
7009/13180 ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE HALIFAX-DARTMOUTH 5509 rue Young, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3K 1Z7 2014
7009/13893 ANNAPOLIS VALLEY FLIGHT TRAINING CENTRE 1505 Harrington RD, Kentville, Nova Scotia, B4N 3V7 2021
7009/4633 ATLANTIC CHRISTIAN TRAINING CENTRE O/A TATAMAGOUCHE CENTRE 259 Loop Route 6, Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, B0K 1V0 1979
7009/8781 ATLANTIC FLIGHT ATTENDANT ACADEMY LTD. 200-6148 Quinpool Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3L 1A3 1998
7009/13907 BRETON AIR INC. 280 Silver Dart Way, Reserve Mines, Nova Scotia, B1M 1B8 2021
7009/13484 BUSINESS CULTURE CENTRE OF CANADA 1402-1333 South Park Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 2K9 2016
7009/11254 CANADIAN COLLEGE OF MASSAGE AND HYDROTHERAPY 108-6960 Mumford Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3L 4P1 2006
7009/12445 CANADIAN LANGUAGE LEARNING COLLEGE CLLC HALIFAX 0230-5201 Duke Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 1N9 2011
7009/9631 CARPENTER MILLWRIGHT COLLEGE 1000 Sackville Dr., Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, B4E 1S4 2000
7009/3476 CBBC CAREER COLLEGE INC. 315 Jameson Street, Sydney, Nova Scotia, B1N 3B1 1965
7009/2553 COMMERCIAL SAFETY COLLEGE 11490 Highway #2, Masstown, Nova Scotia, B0M 1G0 1986
7009/3700 CPA ATLANTIC SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ASSOCIATION 1306-2000 Barrington Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3K1 1969
7009/12553 DENSMORE CONSULTING SERVICES ULC Nova Centre - South Tower, 1500 - 1625 Grafton Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 0E8 2011
7009/12627 EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP CONSORTIUM OF NOVA SCOTIA LTD. 219-1496 Bedford Highway, Bedford, Nova Scotia, B4A 1E5 2012
7009/1168 HAIR DESIGN CENTRE LIMITED 278 Lacewood Drive, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3M 3N8 1982
7009/8610 ICT NORTHUMBERLAND COLLEGE 1888 Brunswick Street 5th Floor, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3J8 1997
7009/14145 INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE INSTITUTE LTD. 604-1800 Argyle Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3N8 2024
7009/4886 MARITIME BUSINESS COLLEGE LIMITED 800 Sackville Drive, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, B4E 1R8 1988
7009/13639 MARITIME CONSERVATORY OF THE PERFORMING ARTS 6199 Chebucto Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3L 1K7 2018
7009/8632 NOVA SCOTIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS 112-68 Highfield Park Drive, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B3A 0E4 1997
7009/10048 OPERATING ENGINEERS INVESTMENT LIMITED 251 Brownlow Avenue, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B3B 2A9 2001
7009/13128 REGISTERED NURSES PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CENTRE 1276 South Park Street Unit Bethune, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3H 2Y9 2014
7009/13661 SHIFTED ACADEMY INC. 201-4286 Prospect Road, Bayside, Nova Scotia, B3E 1L4 2018
7009/0486 SURVIVAL SYSTEMS TRAINING LTD. 40 Mount Hope Avenue, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B2Y 4K9 1982
7009/7402 THE BURWIN INSTITUTE 26 Pelham Street, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, B0J 2C0 1994
7009/1316 TRURO FLYING CLUB O/A DEBERT FLYING CENTER 44 Spitfire Road PO Box 242, Debert, Nova Scotia, B0M 1G0 1983
7009/9782 UA LOCAL 56 PIPE TRADES CAREER COLLEGE INC. 30 Neptune Crescent, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B2Y 4R8 2001

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